Macaque     listed by brain area (for which data have been contributed)


nsa2004.3   Single unit response vs. temporal frequency for drifting sinusoidal gratings.


nsa2004.4   Response vs. temporal frequency of drifting sinusoidal gratings for V1 complex direction selective cells.

nsa2007.1   Responses of V1 neurons to random parallel bar patterns in a cartesian grid.


nsa2004.1   Single unit response vs. coherence of moving dots, and psychophysics.

nsa2004.2   Paired unit responses vs. coherence of moving dots, and psychophysics.

nsa2004.6.a   Contrast response functions for drifting gratings.

nsa2004.6.b   Direction tuning for drifting gratings.

nsa2004.6.c   Direction tuning for drifting dots.

nsa2009.1   Incoherent dots: repeated vs. variable seeds

nsa2012.1   Paired units: repeated vs. variable seeds

nsa2021.1   Paired units: direction tuning