How to submit a data set

Basic information

The following items of basic information must be submitted with each data set.
  1. Authors names associated with the data set.
  2. Title for the data set.
  3. Species, sex, age (adult, etc).
  4. Preparation (e.g., awake, anesthetized, slice, ...)
  5. Type of data (e.g., spike times, intracellular voltage, LFP, ...)
  6. Number of recordings (e.g., number of cells or recording sites). This will typically be the number of data files.
  7. Stimulus description.
  8. A reference to at least one publication describing the authors' methods.
  9. References to publications (if any) that have analyzed the data set.

Formatting the data

For each cell or recording site and for each experimental session, there will typically be one data file. The simplest way to format a data file for submission is to use a text (ASCII) format. Below is a list of text formats for various types of data.

Submitting the data

Send to the basic information (above) along with the approximate total size (in megabytes) of the data set in one of the data formats (above). Please, do not email the data files. We will contact you to arrange transfer of your data files. The file format will be verified, and the data will be converted into the archive's internal format. The data set will be given a temporary reference number and put online for the authors to inspect. Then each author must send an email to the Archive stating, "I consent to have data set XYZ made public indefinitely on the NS Archive", where XYZ is the temporary reference number that appears online for your data set.